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Choosing a Home You have options. From continuing to live in your current home or moving to an active retirement community to joining a co-op or sharing in a co-housing community, there are many options for you, or your loved ones. 

What is Aging in Place? Aging in place means living in your home safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age or ability level. According to the AARP, older homeowners overwhelmingly prefer to age in place.


Checklist for Aging in Place A simple, step-by-step inspection can make it easy to assess an area. Use this checklist to determine whether a house and its surrounding community will support aging in place.


What’s Your Aging-in-Place Plan? An aging-in-place plan can ensure that your home will meet your needs regardless of age or physical abilities. Learn how to build a plan that meets your needs for comfort and style, while also preventing unexpected events from turning into crises that inhibit your ability to live independently.


Preventing Falls at Home For older people, falls are the leading cause of (a) injury related deaths (b) hospital admissions, and (c) emergency department visits. Women account for the majority of fall-related deaths, hospital admissions, and ER visits. Complete this interactive training to learn how to prevent falls at home.


6 Steps to Declutter Your Home for Better Living Whether we realize it or not, clutter affects our emotions, energy, overall well-being and relationships. So it is always a great time to discard the clutter to make room for living. This “How To” guide provides simple, yet effective steps to de-clutter you environment.


Compare Rates & Save on Gas Heating Costs in Georgia “Not only do different [gas] marketers charge very different prices, the prices that some marketers charge their existing customers may vary greatly. So, even switching plans within the same marketer can save you money. Some marketers charge existing customers higher per therm rates than the current standard variable rate and will not switch you to this lower cost plan unless you expressly ask them to do so.” — Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC)